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1-to-1 Meeting Tools​

Easily connect with team members and promote employee ownership.​

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AspireVue 1-to-1 Approach

Online 1-to-1 meeting tools are used by managers to stay connected with their direct reports related to performance feedback and goal-setting. The more the direct reports are connected to their managers, the better they can take the right action to get to their goals. 1-to-1 meeting tools are very convenient and efficient because they allow for quick feedback and accountability. AspireVue Leader Align Platform 1-to-1s are made easy for everyone and our user-friendly interface provides all the information the direct reports need to stay aligned.


All-in-one online tool that streamlines the selection, onboarding, performance, and development of your leaders and their teams.

Promote Ownership

The 1-to-1 tool is designed to improve how a team is managed and is a quick way for managers to plan and execute effective communication with every employee on the team. These regular one-to-one meetings are important to keep your team motivated and on track and promote employee ownership.

1-to-1 Meeting Tools

1-to-1 Meeting Tools

With AspireVue, your 1-to-1s are perfectly organized in one place. Meeting notes and decisions are accessible right from the dashboard in a single repository of discussions. With AspireVue, your 1-to-1s are also available for sharing with your team, so you can be more responsive and keep working on what matters.

1-to-1 Meeting

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