Continuous 360 Feedback

Empower employees and guide their development over time.

Dynamic Feedback Ecosystem

General 360-degree feedback reviews measure things like leadership, teamwork, communication, decision-making, effectiveness, and collaboration. AspireVue offers a way to conveniently collect frequent “real time” behavioral feedback from coworkers and colleagues as often or as frequently as desired. This approach uses a continuous model and focuses on strengths, potential, and aspirational gaps.

Valuable Insights

AspireVue’s feedback platform offers detailed insights for executives and other leaders to better understand how their employees are actually performing. With a single dashboard, you can compare employees across teams, divisions, projects, and more. Get a detailed view of performance trends and measurable data for a range of metrics to identify opportunities for improvement in the workplace.

Avoid The Loss of Productivity

With continuous feedback, your employees can have a lot of opportunities to speak up and help other employees be successful. One of the most important benefits is that it keeps your employees focused on working on the problems they are being asked to solve. In return, productivity is increased and everyone has a greater sense of accomplishment. This type of feedback ecosystem is extremely beneficial to both the individual and the organization.

Collect data points from your employees

When you are able to collect feedback data from all of your employee in organized data sets, you can easily detect any problem and remedy it. This gives you a clear sense of the issues that need to be solved by your team. In some cases this data could give you a more precise idea of the actual amount of work done. AspireVue’s platform houses the data collected from employees to provide better insights across the various aspects of an organization.

The tools needed to grow

AspireVue ensures that you complete reviews in less time than traditional methods, uses strength-based development, identifies aspirational gaps, provides complete transparency, and avoids the loss of productivity.  It also eliminates the need to manually change grades every time because information is collected by a collective effort. While AspireVue’s software is powerful, it is also fairly lightweight; it is designed to be accessible to anyone with limited technical skills. With a complete user-friendly interface, you can get started as soon as you open up a web browser.

Continuous 360 Feedback

Continuous 360 Feedback

AspireVue’s real-time continuous feedback system manages the 360 process with a focus on leader alignment, drawing on the continuity created when the same competency model is used to hire as well as to develop leaders. When a Supervisor sends a 360-review (Supervisor, Peers, Employee, and Direct Reports), or an abbreviated 180-review (Supervisor and Employee only), relating to you or your peers, you will receive an email invitation to provide online and confidential feedback about strengths and skills across up to 9 different developmental arenas. Using our unique slider rating mechanism with percentile normal-curve graph display, ratings are quick and simple to provide.

AspireVue’s simple metric dashboard provides customized and easy tracking of personal performance within the employee’s role responsibilities and competencies for both the employee and supervisor.

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