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Continuous 360 Feedback​

Empower employees and guide their development over time.​

Feedback Reviews Made Easy

Create a culture of consistent feedback with performance management tools that are flexible to fit your needs with a great user experience so employees and managers will actually use it.
Workplace Community
Pulse 360 Lite

Customizable pulse 360 delivers on-demand performance reviews. Gathers perceptions about individual competencies, strengths, and opportunities.

Workplace Performance
Roles 360

Periodic reviews to measure perceptions of self, supervisors, peers, and direct reports. Designed to make review process run smoothly & eliminate HR busywork.

Journeys Reputation 360

Tool to collaboratively target objectives and goals across 10 arenas. Employees earn achievement badges and can share them with social media communities.

Capture Actionable Feedback

Since the Workplace Performance option automatically ties ongoing feedback with development initiatives, managers are able to provide feedback and guide development plans in no time at all. Likewise, employees are able to understand their job responsibilities and don’t have to wait for periodic feedback. Role Performance measures perceptions of Self, Supervisors, Peers, and Direct Reports across a range of role-related responsibilities, competencies, and supervision criteria while eliminating the time-consuming task of typical periodic performance evals. 

Engage Your People


Leader journeys are about Insight, Action, and Momentum. This multi-rater tool gathers confidential feedback about a leader’s targeted development strengths and opportunities. Perfect for organizations that want to help newly hired or promoted leaders create early successes, the Journeys guide development across ten different leader arenas and set the stage for growth, thriving, and flourishing, while complementing efforts to measure performance outcomes. 

Continuous 360 Feedback

Continuous 360 Feedback

General 360-degree feedback reviews measure things like leadership, teamwork, communication, decision-making, effectiveness, and collaboration. AspireVue offers a way to conveniently collect frequent “real time” feedback from coworkers and colleagues as often or as frequently as desired. This approach uses a continuous model and focuses on strengths, potential, and aspirational gaps.


AspireVue ensures that reviews are completed in less time than traditional methods with a complete user-friendly dashboard where supervisors can compare employees and identify opportunities for improvement in the workplace. 

Continuous 360