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AspireVue “My Connections” area of the AspireVue platform, you are able to see all organizational and personal connections related to your account. Each connection in AspireVue includes his or her professional information, contact details, peers, direct reports, community connections, and more.

Find new connections, A great way to learn about new peers, See all professional and personal connections

Features: This feature allows the user to be able to see all of the contacts that are directly related to their account. When searching for connections on this part of the platform, one is able to find new people that may be interested inside and outside of your company and connect with them.

Organizational connections: connections related to organizations which you have worked for or otherwise affiliated with

Personal Connections: These connections are personal connections that you have made outside of any work environment.

Direct Reports: A direct report is someone who reports to another person, for example, a manager, supervisor, or team leader. … A manager with direct reports will typically assign work to those people and evaluate how well they are performing.

Supervisors: A supervisor is a type of leader who exercises authority over the workers in certain areas within a company.

Peers: In a social group, a peer is another person who is the same age or social rank as you.

Coaches: A coach is an individual who helps you improve yourself by helping you set goals, motivating you to achieve them, and helping you come up with strategies for how to achieve them.

Mentors: A mentor is someone who has made significant progress in their life and is willing to help you learn from their success and mistakes.

Mentees: A Mentee is a person who has been identified to have the potential for growth and success, but may need guidance and information through the process.

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