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Community Rules

Community Rules

#1 No Trolling

Trolls are people who enjoy provoking irritation in others. You can find them on online forums, chats, and anywhere else that people come together to chat or discuss. We know trolls are unproductive and diversionary, but what’s more, is that they’re destructive. We won’t tolerate their presence on AspireVue. AspireVue deletes all trolling behavior to improve your online environment.

  • AspireVue deletes trolls trying to provoke irritation in others.
  • We delete such users who have been reported by other users
  • Troll free online community

#2 Don’t post or repost anything illegal

A reputation for ethics is worth more than the short-term gains that could result from posting illegal content. You’re responsible for everything you post on AspireVue, including audio and video. If it’s illegal, don’t do it. You and your account could be terminated if you do it.

  • We filter, moderate and help you stay compliant with applicable Laws where a legitimate business interest exists.
  • Posting illegal content could get your account terminatedPosting illegal content could get your account terminated
  • It is your responsibility to make sure everything you post is legal.

#3 Don’t repost scams

If you find content that you didn’t create, don’t repost it! Don’t repost anything that looks suspicious even if it claims to be a legitimate organization. We have to cut down on the number of reposts/spam we get. We’ll delete reposts and spam as soon as they show up. Please report spam posts or suspicious-looking accounts immediately.

#4 Don’t get into arguments

Getting into arguments on social media is a bad idea; it will only upset you and alienate your followers. Keep it Positive. AspireVue helps you minimize your social media activity. By offering a clean, distraction-free space!

#4 We Do Not Tolerate Violence or Nudity

We don’t allow graphic content such as nudity and violence. It is strongly discouraged to post violent or nude images. If you do, your account will be removed from our platform.


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