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Quick Action Menu

The “Quick Action Menu” allows you to do various tasks, including adding the user as a friend, saving the user as a favorite, reporting the user for violating site rules, viewing the user’s signature, and sending the user a message.

If you see a user that interests you, you can interact with them more quickly.

Send Peer Invite: The “Quick Action Menu” “+” icon allows you to quickly invite a colleague who is also on AspireVue to become your peer. The AspireVue peer-to-peer functionality empowers you to create new opportunities through collaboration with thousands of connections and provides the framework for building meaningful relationships that can make a lasting impact.

View User Signature: The “Quick Action Menu” “Pen” icon displays the user’s signature. A user signature is a publically accessible declaration of goals a user wishes to accomplish in the future. A user signature keeps you accountable for your goal. You can visually see what objective an individual is aiming for and how they’re doing in achieving their goal.

Report User: The Community Rules are important to follow, and if you see another user violating those rules, the “Quick Action Menu” “!” icon makes it easy to report them. A small number of users can still ruin the experience for the community. We get rid of them and protect other AspireVue members by giving power to good users to report trolls and punish them accordingly.

Send Message: Through the “Quick Action Menu” “Envelope” icon, you can send messages to other users.

Favorite: Through the “Quick Action Menu” “Envelope” icon, you can send messages to other users.

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