Effective Onboarding

Simplify onboarding with existing hiring competencies.

Integrate Everyone In The Right Way

A successful onboarding process conveys your organizational brand and values, explains your people and professional culture, aligns institutional expectations and performance, and provides the tools for each employee to successfully assimilate into their position with a quicker ramp-up to productivity. We say, take onboarding to the next level and invest a little more time and get an even larger return. Our coaches guide the employee in their first year using the trait and temperament insight gained through talent assessments.

Better Company Culture

Connecting with new hires early can create a sense of culture for your team. Our coaches help integrate employees in the right way by creating an engaged work environment that encourages collaboration and togetherness.

Personalized Starts

When it comes to effective onboarding, companies need to understand and embrace new talent. AspireVue coaches get the ball rolling early by providing guidance and mentorship to the new hire. The onboarding process for each new employee is a customized process tailored to their individual goals and skill set.

Onbaording Improves Your Company Image

Onboarding plays a major role in helping employees get into the right mindset to work efficiently and to have a positive impact on the company. A great onboarding experience includes a structured and well-rehearsed introduction to the company. It provides the user with an overview of what they’ll be working on, how they’ll work, and the people involved in that work. With AspireVue, we reach out to new hires and create a comfortable and welcoming work environment for them.

Personalized and Simplified

We have invested the time to understand the employee data before they enter the company as a new hire so we personalize a development plan for each candidate based on their skills and attributes. We make a special effort to offer the best training and development opportunities to encourage a highly motivated workforce. We don’t just tell candidates what we want them to do, we help them define that vision and find the best ways to take it forward.

Effective On-boarding

Effective On-Boarding

As soon as the new hire has accepted a position, our coaches reach out to them by phone to create a sense of support for their onboarding. In order to take advantage of the money and time spent on competency models and obtaining assessment results, the coach unpacks the results with the new employee in a very methodical manner. A final coaching session includes both the employee and their direct supervisor and helps new employees feel welcomed and engaged.

In addition to sharing the assessment results, the coach will review existing hiring competencies and facilitate feedback from the supervisor to review the set of expectations the employee needs to meet to be successful. Finally, using AspireVue seamlessly transitions the employee into the performance management process to further ensure individual and team success.

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