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The Perfect Fit

Here is a thought that could keep an executive up at night: more than a quarter of your new hires are going to quit within the first 90 days, resulting in a terrible waste of time and money. This means that today’s top talent are looking for more than just a job and are not afraid to job hop until they find the right fit. Therefore, it is vital that both hiring and onboarding look at any failed efforts of providing each employee with immediate role clarity, continuous manager feedback and recognition, and personalized integration into the culture.

Immediate Role Clarity

Identifying the roles for your employee right away and making them feel welcomed is key to establishing a great relationship. AspireVue adds clarity and speed to both the hiring and onboarding processes by using a full job description library and automated competency modeling tools These benchmarks stay with the employee throughout the onboarding process and continue to enhance them throughout their career.

Better Job Fit

AspireVue focuses on job fit for not only the employer but also the employee. Along with the job analysis and competency modeling, we use a combination of validated tests, weighted decision algorithm, and interpreted results via collaborative consultation.

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Predictive Accuracy of Hiring

Anyone who has ever directed or even gone through the hiring process knows it can be time-consuming and paper-intensive, often using up way more resources than necessary. We offer automated candidate testing with your own personalized dashboard to assess the fit between a job and a candidate. Most importantly, it takes the guesswork out of hiring.

A Proper Recruitment Process

One of the easiest ways to stop employees from leaving is to ensure they are the right fit for the company in the first place. Therefore, you can significantly reduce your churn rate with a proper recruitment process that includes multi-faceted and interpreted assessments, job competency and background fit, and organizational fit analysis.

Hiring + Onboarding

Hiring + Onboarding

Employers increasingly want qualified employees who can fit and commit within the organization. Useful at all levels, our cloud-based platform simplifies your hiring process with a personalized dashboard where you can request any combination of assessments, interview questions, reference audit options, and skills tests. This data remains in the system to segway the employee into onboarding and development.

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Download our easy to use AspireVue Mobile App to improve your skills, connect with expert coaches, and receive feedback on your performance. A perfect fit for those who are looking to develop their craft, but don’t know where to start? We’ve created this mobile app to give you all the tools you need to build a powerful career and achieve your goals.