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How to keep employees motivated

How to keep employees motivated

April 26, 2021  No Comments

The best leaders determine their people’s mission, goals and objectives, establish clear metrics for measuring their progress toward these goals, and decide on where to focus their resources and attention. Keeping your team motivated to perform at their best can be difficult if you don’t make it a priority.

Teams need to be empowered to make decisions, even when the rest of the organization disagrees. You may have been taught by your coach that leadership “is about making choices and being decisive, not about processes.” People can and do make choices without you asking or discussing them first. But you don’t have to make those decisions for them—they can do so on their own. To be sure, leadership is a process—it’s about providing people with the tools they need to make choices.

When it comes to keeping your employees working hard and performing well, you need to be clear about your expectations and make them feel important. The right leadership has a responsibility to make sure employees feel valued and empowered. Leaders who understand this can inspire and motivate their employees. The goal of good leadership is to bring people together to make a positive contribution that improves the overall business.

Take a look at some of the biggest organizations in the world, like Google and Yahoo. Google is known for its great work environment and team-oriented values. You can see this on every page on their websites and news outlets. They’re constantly putting their employees first by giving them a choice to work for a company that values their contributions. People need to feel like they can have a meaningful impact on the business and be rewarded for it.

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