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Identity Development

Focus on identity and self-awareness

Developing Self-Awareness

People who have the self-awareness of an intentional, strong identity can lead themselves to overcome obstacles in their own lives so that they can successfully lead others in their organization. For many of us, developing a clear self-awareness is something we don’t even know that we don’t have.

We let ourselves be put into a box, defined in large part by labels assigned to us by the people around us. Believing that those labels are who we should be, we become stuck, not thinking about the possibilities for success that are out there, content to repeat each day like the last and seldom reaching our full potential or setting higher goals for ourselves.

Leadership Starts with Identity

This is about your physical and mental presence, your attitude, and your readiness to take on new challenges and make an impact. It’s how you “show up” every day and for every interaction. Do others see you as a leader? Are you ready for every opportunity?

Organizational Goals and Diagnostic Tools with TeamVue to Big-Picture Goals

Compare the mindset and decisions of the person you are today to that of the person you will become when you reach your big-picture goals. If you’re like most, there’s a gap; your mindset and decisions need to be consistent with where you want to be, versus where you are today It’s like the old saying goes, “What got you here won’t get you there”

AspireVue’s Identity Tools

It sounds simple, but to truly know what you value, what you want, and the driving principles that make you who you are is easier said than done. Approaching your personal identity using AspireVue’s Development module can help ensure the success of reaching your potential as an effective leader. We help you define your personal identity through behaviors, values, beliefs, pursuits, thoughts, and attitudes as a leader.

From “AspireVue” to RealVue

AspireVue takes you seamlessly through development to provide a self-view, request a reputation view from others, and obtain a RealVue from assessments. This strategy is highly effective for self-awareness of your identity as experienced by others and how it compares with your test results. Pre-populated objectives subsequently include strategies for devoting energy to achieve your goals, maintaining enthusiasm, and reaching your potential as an effective leader.

Make it happen!

Identity enables a person to progress with purpose and direction and to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life. It also helps build self-esteem, courage, and perseverance. And, without truly knowing who you are, how can you have the integrity to lead others in your organization.

One can get a full understanding of the intellectual power and importance of identity, of personality, and how lacking these is really the first “flaw” that needs to be removed for optimal growth, and of the impact on productivity and innovation. Professionals who build their identity and have a complete plan for success are in a minority of elite leaders in the world of business. They are the ones that can make it happen!

Identity Development

Identity Development

A leader cannot optimally perform and lead when you feel stuck between being yourself and what others want you to be. In fact, “I” is the identity the leader assumes which acts as the catalyst and foundation for their decision-making, thinking and behavior.

Once you can define and support this, it makes it easier for you to help others understand your expectations, how you think, and your methods to develop people and drive results.


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