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Robust Assessments​

Make job-related, reliable, and valid selection decisions.​

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Assessment is at the heart of our platform

When it comes to hiring, integrated feedback on each candidate is provided via a comprehensive report that includes interactive graphs, candidate comparatives, and a proprietary decision algorithm that dramatically reduces selection bias when hiring. Innovative technology that improves predictive analytics, enabling businesses to produce better data from both internal and external sources. Advanced decision algorithms that significantly improve the likelihood of success in the hiring process contribute to better returns.

For current employees, assessment gives greater confidence in their development efforts. While traditional HR systems provide no support for individual feedback on job performance, it is a critical tool for ensuring quality management and accountability. If companies cannot measure results, employees will not recognize their own accomplishments and performance will suffer.

AspireVue tackles this issue head-on by combining the most advanced tools and technologies available for effective employee evaluation and performance measurement.

The secret to hiring and retaining the right people!

01/ Job Builder

Beginning with our database, establish benchmarks and manage input from stakeholders to build amazing job descriptions.

02/ Competency Modeling

Identify and weight the required competencies of the job and plug them into every facet of the employee's lifecycle.

03/Reference Audit

Stop playing phone tag! Make informed hiring decisions with automated third party reference checking.

04/ Interview Guides

Say goodbye to multiple interview responses flying around, and say hello to automating structured interviews.

05/ Robust Assessments

Comprehensive assessments raise potential red flags, align talent with business needs, and eliminate recruitment bias.

06/ Uncanned Reports

Data-driven, uncanned, and psychologist-reviewed assessment reports provide job-fit alignment and compliance.

07/ Assessment Feedback

Free with all candidate reports, an AspireVue coach unpacks the results to provide easy understanding.

08/ Decision Algorithm

Unique to AspireVue, the weighted decision algorithm ensures hassle-free and consistent hiring decisions.

09/ Onboarding

Once hired, employees can receive feedback to be set up for long-term success while you leverage valuable data.

Robust Assessments

The best assessments, measurements of talent that can help guide decision-making and lead to demonstrable results, are those that are both well-designed and well-researched to ensure they are valid, useful tools. AspireVue’s robust assessment platform provides analytics / metrics, predictive accuracy with results, customization of assessments, competency models, and alignment with job role.

Using an integrated assessment approach, we take into account job competencies, measurable performance factors, as well as your business objectives and culture. Furthermore, instead of relying on computer-driven testing, our experts offer a personalized advisory process to guide selection decisions. During pre-hire, organizations most often use them to improve the quality of hire, and post-hire they are most often used for skill and knowledge development. Our findings reports are individually produced and interpreted by psychologists and coaches and tailored to the job, increasing the validity of our recommendations.

Job-Specific Assessments