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Workplace Community

Prepare your employees with tools to make connections.

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The Community

Once the employee joins the organization, AspireVue Community enables them to build connections and a sense of belonging in a positive and purposeful way. 

With the development planning tools, your people will perform better – while you learn what motivates them too. 

Our Light 360 pulse provides a practical way for leaders, managers, and employees to connect and improve collaboration. 

Positive Social Media

Similar to major social networks, users share posts with photos or videos and can tag and follow others. However, since AspireVue’s focus is to drive momentum toward positive change, you will see that the feed is different. Fundamentally, Insight Stream remedies the unmet need within social media for a positive space where you are inspired to achieve something great. So, leave the negative social media platforms alone, and unlock new growth for you, your team, and your organization with Insight Stream.

Development Planning

Development Planning pairs well with Insight Stream as an optional add-on component. Managers and employees can execute individual development plans that align with team strategies and initiatives. Employees easily gather perceptions from followers of their goal progress to develop new capacities and build confidence. When you equip your supervisors with this simple tool for one-on-one meetings and check-ins, they build trust with their team members.

Pulse 360

This instrument offers customizable on-demand performance pulse reviews, Power BI 9-box metric analyses, and all the shared goal features of Development Planning and Insight Stream’s engagement resources. 

Best for gathering quick perceptions about individual competencies, strengths, and opportunities, the collected data generates a permanent record and allows senior leaders to strategize around data-driven results, while also tracking performance and growth over time. 

Your Own Internal
Communications Hub

AspireVue’s third-party integrations bring Insight Stream to your current company intranet as an internal communications hub.  Your company can also create Enterprise pages where your employees receive news from across the organization and even access published on-demand micro-courses or training videos, right from their desktop or mobile devices.



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