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Leader Development Program

Companies need leaders in all areas of the organization. Yet, many businesses overlook the importance of implementing formal leadership development programs to offer their employees a clear pathway to management roles. Unlike traditional performance management that often focuses on periodic evaluations with lengthy administration time, outdated rating scales, and a top-down authority, AspireVue’s continuous 360 foundational tool aligns with organizational goals and provides continuous leader development benefits such as higher employee morale and greater team productivity, creativity, and innovation. It can also help your employees to feel more connected to the business, and understand how their work adds value.

Define Your Company’s Leadership Needs

A good exercise is to think about any specific leadership gaps that your organization has or may soon face. Think about the company’s short-term and long-term strategic goals. For example, if the organization is on a fast track for growth, your leadership development program should be aligned to ensure the business has the right leadership in place to meet those priorities. The relationship between management and employees has to be mutually beneficial, collaborative, and respectful. A leader alignment platform, such as AspireVue, can positively connect leader objectives through communication and automated goal setting.

Pure Collaboration

We believe that when an organization is working together to attain communication goals and align job duties, we will all be able to reach a point where we can make a difference. A feedback-driven platform fits into a working relationship between employees. This increases collaboration and strengthens our purpose, not only for employees, but for all business leaders.

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Employee Vue

Our platform is designed with all levels of employees in mind, understanding the value of job roles throughout the company. Employees feel valued and empowered when they feel they are working in a collaborative team environment. Our goal is to provide a comfortable feedback-orientated workplace to ensure that you are delivering on your promise of a rewarding and motivating workplace.

Manager Vue

With AspireVue’s Leader Alignment Platform, managers feel more connected with employees and upper level management because communication barriers are broken down and trust is restored among team members. This makes for a more productive work environment and a great way to keep the team moving. The leadership platform helps managers define a clear and defined vision for their team and how they want to improve and grow together.

Supervisor Vue

For supervisors and upper management, our platform offers a complete overview of the workplace by collecting the important data about team performance, productivity, and results. From there, we will create visualizations to better understand the performance and efficiency of the entire company. The platform has a robust suite of features that enables you to take this data into the real world to improve performance and profitability.

Manager + Superviors

Managers + Supervisors

It’s important that managers are empowered with the key data they need to understand and foster engagement for their individual employees. A sound performance management system such as AspireVue’s strength-based, real-time continuous feedback framework in one of the keys to achieving success. AspireVue’s company-specific alignment and development accountability draws on continuity when the same competency model is used to hire as well as to develop.

Furthermore, focusing on an aspirational leader approach and using a roadmap of each employee’s aspirations, expectations and related behavior patterns helps managers to understand the passions, motivations, and expectations of their direct-reports, which results in a significant increase in employee engagement.

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