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Access real-time individual and team evaluations, goals, and feedback.

Access key information from anywhere.

Ensure every member of your team has equal access to the people, information, as assets they need to do the best work of their career. 

Competency Targeting

Manage reporting relationships, select targeted positions and compare potential successors. Calculate position readiness by leveraging feedback surveys and development arena activities to quickly gather performance, potential, and flight risk estimates from supervisors, and then use 9-Box potential analysis to identify and select high performers. 

Competency Development

Create individual succession development plans, driven by gap analysis of predicted (assessed) competency scores and actual competency performance feedback scores. It also integrates with Workforce Performance & Development tools to powerfully enable current leaders to target specific competency development.

Talent Analysis

Compare multiple employees’ predicted (assessed) and actual data analytics with targeted position needs. Leveraging pre- or post-employment assessments, you can gauge predicted competence. View light performance review data from Workplace Community 360 Quickview Pulses given to small teams – or analyze deeper-dive reputation feedback about the performance or development outcomes of selected high potential successors.

Mobile App

Leader Alignment

A first-of-its-kind strength-based development platform, AspireVue connects employees, managers, team members, and coaches to achieve personal and professional objectives that align with the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan. This cascading approach to performance management delivers high workforce engagement and increases productivity.