OKRs + Goal Library

Increase productivity with collaborative objectives.

OKR Goal Setting

The Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) method is a collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. An Objective is qualitative, aspirational, engaging, and actionable. Key results consist of 2-5 quantitative metrics to measure progress toward the objective. With OKRs, individuals can track progress, create alignment, and encourage engagement around measurable goals at many company levels.

Supporting Metrics

As with any effective goal-setting tool, progress must be measurable. This allows results to be analyzed accurately, and shows your people how closethey are to achieving their objectives. When used in this way, OKRs become part of your organization’s culture, and are then embedded into your team’s routine.


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Why Your Company Needs OKRs

In practice, using OKRs is different from other goal-setting techniques they are shared so everyone knows how their roles and objectives are connected. This transparency adds to a sense of shared visionand results ineveryone heading in the same direction. OKRs can keep employees motivated and engaged in their roles, resulting in improved communication, focus, and alignment to drive better business results. It does these things by visibly defining goals, making it clear what is important across the organization. OKRs further help teams and individuals get outside their comfort zones, prioritize work, and learn from both success and failure.

Goal-Setting Tools

Goal-setting with OKRs within AspireVue’s platform can help you create custom goal-setting strategies that are more action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound. Structuring goal tracking metrics for your company is essential to making sure your business is moving in the right direction. A goal tracking system like AspireVue is perfect for tracking your goals with one set of result-driven metrics.

OKRs+Goal Library

OKRs + Goal Library

Our clients use our OKR goal-setting features and library to align their strategic objectives with metric-driven key results. When used as part of a continuous performance management program such as AspireVue, organizations can create an environment where goals are set collaboratively, clearly articulated, checked in on frequently and measured accurately. Since managers have a better understanding of how teams are performing when using AspireVue, they can easily specify and track metrics to keep your team focused, engaged, and aligned.

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