Onboarding Feedback​

Leveraging valuable pre-hire data for new employees​

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Onboard with Assessment

Once hired, your employee and their manager can receive immediate feedback from any test results. This provides insight into the new hire’s strengths and weaknesses, along with motivations, beliefs, and temperament. Not only does this convey your organizational brand and values, but it also prioritizes development objectives and goal setting.

Unlock Employee Potential

If your onboarding program does not include a development aspect for each new hire, you may want to consider the extreme benefits it can have on the employee’s success and the organization’s bottom line. Next time you hire, treat your new employees to our effective onboarding process tailored just for them and watch your engagement and retention levels rise in response.

Track the Metrics

When you consider the average cost to recruit each new hire could be $5,000 or more onboarding is not a process that should be rushed. Our coaches provide guidance to the new hire to help them define their vision and find the best ways to take it forward.  In essence, the onboarding process for each new employee is a customized process tailored to their individual goals and skill set.

Effective On-boarding

Effective Onboarding

As soon as the new hire has accepted a position, our coaches reach out to create a sense of support for their onboarding.  In two sessions, the coach unpacks the test results with the new employee in a very methodical manner.  A final coaching session includes both the employee and their direct supervisor and helps the new employee feel welcomed and engaged. 

Finally, AspireVue seamlessly transitions the employee into the performance management process to further ensure individual and team success.