AspireVue Insight Series

Choose something important to you. Your confidential results will show you a comparison to thousands of others. This AspireVue Insight Series provides you with an overview of your Personality Traits, Value Drivers, Risk Factors, Work Style, Relational Style, Communication Style, and Thinking Style.

Select an area of focus

Personality Traits

16 multiple-choice. Explore your characteristic way of responding to your environment.

Value Drivers

10 multiple-choice. Values are strongly linked to motivation, aspirations, and identity. Explore the WHY behind your actions and reactions.

Risk Factors

11 multiple-choice. Derailers are qualities that emerge in times of increased strain. Uncover any performance risks before they become a problem.

Communication Style

18 multiple-choice. Understand your love language and your primary way of communicating to maintain meaningful relationships.

Work Style

10 multiple-choice. Explore the WHY behind your actions and reactions.

Relational Style

14 multiple-choice. Recognize your relational patterns in yourself and others to experience less stress, have needs met, and experiencing satisfying relationships. o Fix: Q12 does not have a photo.

Thinking Style

10 multiple-choice. Reveal your most preferred thinking style, the default approach you use when trying to solve problems.