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Choose the options that are right for your business. Whether you’re just getting started with assessments, leader development, or enterprise alignment services, or well down the path to development goals and coaching, we’ve got you covered.

# Employees
Would you like to focus on Workplace Performance?
Build employee engagement and accountability while simplifying performance reviews. Is this something that you need for your employees?
Workplace Performance 360
# of Employees across the organization needing performance 360 feedback from Supervisors, the Employee, Peers, and Direct-reports $7.00 / Month
Workplace Community
# of Employees across the organization who participate in groups, events, and leveraging feedback to set and achieve performance and development goals. $4.00 / Month
Would you like to focus on Development?
Target development for Managers, Directors, and High Potentials around nine arenas with assessment and coaching options. Is this something that you need for your mid-level leaders?
Reflect with Insight 3D
# of High Potential Leaders needing Reputation feedback from Supervisors, Peers, and Direct-Reports. This most popular package includes all Reflect tools - $14 / Month
# of Leaders needing to target and achieve development goals; includes subscription to MindTools Resource Repository, Priority Goal Selector, Leader Development Plan, DailyQ, and App Integration $9.00 / Month
Would you like to focus on Enterprise Alignment?
Identify, cascade and monitor individual OKR goals that align with business goals for clarity and focus. Is this something that you need for your senior and mid-level leaders?
Cascading Alignment Goals
# of Senior and Mid-Level Leaders needing cascading goal-setting tool to create and track alignment $9.00 / Month
Would you like to focus on Project Management?
Collaboratively create, assign, schedule, manage, and track project tasks. Is this something that you need for your employees?
Project Management for Teams
# of employees needing Project Management for Teams $7.00 / Month
Would you like to focus on Internal Mentoring?
Access to mentoring relationships and resources within the organization
# of employees enrolled in Mentoring $5.00 / Month
One-time Module Activation Fees
Activation Fee includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Training and a 30-minute 1:1 meeting facilitation between Supervisor and Employee
Annual Subscription Fees
Subscription Fee includes mobile application integration and email support
Includes Self-Reflect, AspireVue Targeting, Goal-Selector, DailyQ, and MindTools Resource Repository.
Reflect with Insight 3D
Our most popular package: Includes all Reflect tools, PLUS Continuous Reputation Feedback from others - $14 / Month.
Project Management
Collaborate with others to create, assign, schedule, manage, and track project tasks; includes email and calendar integration $7.00 / Month
Annual Subscription Fees

* AspireVue Service Plans are billed annually

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