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AspireVue’s Leader Alignment Platform offers ICF-certified experts that help your development by working with you to guide you every step of the way. If you want expert guidance on the key elements of your growth and implementation plan, then select a coach who is the best fit for your needs.

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Visionary. Results-Oriented.

Marv Erisman

Marv is a widely recognized expert in executive team development, coaching, board development, reorganization, and strategic development, primarily in the healthcare industry. Marv draws on his management and administrative background to help executives, managers, and key physician leaders develop skills to address critical issues facing hospitals and physician practice groups. His blend of experience in human resources human factors analysis, and qualitative research and analysis enables him to help administrators, top managers, boards, and key leaders build productive teams and organizations.

Perceptive. Value-Driven. Pragmatic

Larry Kuhn

Executive clients will quickly discover and experience the unique and powerful components of Larry’s developmental coaching approach. Combining his business background with executive coaching experience, he facilitates professional breakthroughs for executives at all levels. Larry leverages proven assessments when necessary to guide clients through a dynamic discovery process that enables them to identify and intensify their strengths, recognize and overcome barriers and have a supportive environment to practice pushing beyond current patterns.

Partner, Confidant. Motivator.

James Persing

Jim’s professional mission is to help others grow and direct their inherent strengths toward greater thriving and fulfillment. His strength is the ability to engage fully in a client coaching relationship, working together to co-create an effective personal strategy aligned with their individual and business values and goals. Jim then works with the client to help them establish ways to execute on and achieve that strategy. Finally, the coaching focus shifts to discovering markers and methods to allow the client to maintain that success and use that new-found freedom to continue their personal journey.

Welcoming. Inspiring. Results-Oriented.


Michaleen “Micki” Lewis brings over 18-years of business expertise as an Executive Coach, Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness and Excellence Leader. Micki partners with clients ensuring high-levels of movement forward by co-creating a welcoming environment, asking thought-provoking questions, offering unique perspectives and brainstorms WITH YOU – so YOU can identify innovative ideas in obtaining your goals. She rolls up her sleeves and together, we get a lot done in a short amount of time (High ROI)– and we have fun too!

Professional. Engaged. Advisor.

Micki K

In addition to being a trained coach, Cindy has 20+ years of experience in Human Resources and Leadership Training. Her passion for education and extensive experience are the catalyst for helping people perform at their best. Cindy labors together with her clients to achieve personal and professional growth and success. Cindy has coached or facilitated groups the following national and international organizations: Oracle, Kuehne-Nagel, Cisco, Tate & Lyle, AmeriCorps, U.S. Department of Transportation (Office of OIG), U. S. Forest Service, Moose Toys, Stantec, Obility B2B, and Cascade Manufacturing.

Collaborative. Perceptive. Responsive.


Joe approaches coaching as an ongoing reflective dialogue with his clients by developing their insight into their leadership behavior and style, clarifying purpose and broadening perspectives, and enhancing capabilities to manage both self and others in a changing organizational environment. In practice, he blends this co-creative approach aimed at self-development with coaching aimed at closing specific performance gaps. Joe’s work with leaders committed to enhancing their emotional and social intelligence draws on his extensive international and domestic experience in organizational leadership and strategic management.

Agile. Resourceful. Versatile.


A keen champion of the compounding benefits that executive coaching brings to individuals and organizations, Daniela accrued both international experience and advanced qualifications in its various specialties: executive, business, integrative, leadership. Consequently, her clients can immediately profit from the multi-faceted array of resources that she brings in support of their unmitigated success. Her clients enjoy a coaching partnership tailored to their goals which they often have called “inspirational”, “insightful”, “focused on actionable areas”. Her style has been described as “clear, direct and transparent”, which creates “trust” and “authentic communication.”

Aspiring. Receptive. Curious.

Alexandra Belosic

Alexandra Belosic is a psychology professional with 4 years’ experience coaching professional clients and business leaders as well as utilizing personality assessments to illuminate strengths and areas for development. She has supported business leaders during times of transition to new opportunities, assisting to define and achieve career and life goals. Some of her coaching focus areas include personal awareness, executive presence, communication, and development of individual growth plans. With a warm and direct approach, Alexandra asks thought provoking questions that illicit creative thinking and unseen potential to help the client achieve their goals.

Consultative. Client-Focused. Advisor.


Jane is an experienced executive with a track record in consulting, Human Resources, and organizational practices in Canada and USA. Jane’s experience includes senior level HR leadership roles in energy, law, manufacturing, and grocery sectors and teaching HR content at the university level. She is passionate about good people practices and continuous learning and development. Jane works with her clients to engage, enlighten, empower, and excel to the vision they set. By exploring barriers, she identifies and removes her clients’ barriers to help them achieve their desired future state.

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