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AspireVue + Slack

Manage reviews, give feedback and praise, collaborate with others, and access
development plans without switching context.



Simplify your performance reviews with Slack Integration

Performance management can feel like extra work. Often, employees need many reminders to fill out a performance review, forget to give each other feedback, or resist setting goals.

If your team is living in the Slack app every day, AspireVue’s Slack integration seamlessly brings our services into their workspace. They can now share and act on AspireVue Workplace Performance requests that are automatically directed to their channel in Slack.

Streamline workflows by using platforms your team already uses!

Using the Slack integration allows you to quickly:

Inbox Notifications

Set up Slack Inbox Notifications to get desktop notifications of your AspireVue dashboard, including new goals and performance targets. To enable this feature, navigate to “My Profile” on AspireVue, click Preferences and then select “Enable Inbox Notifications” next to Slack. Sign into your Slack account, toggle the desired channels and click save.

Quick Access

The AspireVue Slack Integration provides a quick, easy way to launch the AspireVue platform dashboard to quickly access My Connection, My Profile, and My Goals dashboards (via Slack’s slash commands). Quickly access dashboards and take any actions you’d like from this integrated application without having to visit the AspireVue app itself!

Providing Feedback

The AspireVue Slack Integration allows users the ability to provide feedback that is sent to the AspireVue platform via Slack. This allows employees to provide feedback to each other. These notes are collected and placed under the “Notes From Others tab” in AspireVue.

The Bottom Line

Save time and empower managers and employees by streamlining daily AspireVue tasks in Slack!

Your company’s AspireVue Super-User activates a one-time integration between AsipreVue and Slack. 

  • Once established, all employees who are active in AspireVue can send feedback notes. These notes are collected and made available to the employee’s Supervisor for future reference. 
  • Periodically, the AspireVue Super-User sends Workplace Community Performance Pulses, allowing employees to gather reputation feedback about their performance. Slack enables employees and supervisors to respond and interact directly from their Slack account – while their AspireVue account is catching the data in the background.

With the AspireVue for Slack integration, you can:

  • Respond to and send requests for feedback
  • Access development plans & update goals
  • Register self-ratings
  • Provide quick encouragement to others
  • Launch a pulse survey 
  • Add peers to your community
  • Get AspireVue support and access training videos

Slack brings the team together, wherever you are. With all of your communication and tools in one place, remote teams will stay productive no matter where you’re working from. Free for small teams for an unlimited period of time (*Ref: Slack Website)

Cloud Integration connects various applications over internet for real-time exchange of data. It adds value for your organization to maximize ROI of your software tool investment to enable efficient teamwork towards goals, save time for smarter work on targets and put collaboration in motion. 

Your AspireVue administrator connects the app to your Enterprise Slack account. The Slack software integration takes only a couple of minutes and does not require any coding and is possible with no prior technical experience. It is just a matter of configuration.

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