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Watch the brief video below to learn more. To make your insight journey a bit more interesting, you’ve just earned 15 Insight Points for taking the Value Drivers Questionnaire. Moving forward, you can earn additional bonus points by watching the video below. This sets the stage to use the AspireVue app to leverage your self-reflection, compare your reflection results with people you invite, and dive deeper into the most powerful personality assessment available on the market. Within the app, you will even be able to:

You Earned 15 Insight Points
See how you compare to thousands of others

View insight videos on your specific traits

Gather feedback based on your reputation with people who know you well

Set and achieve targeted goals to align with your aspirations

Maintain your momentum, resourced by coaches and other like-minded people in the AspireVue community.

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We’ve delved into the characteristics that define an Aficionado – your logical, fact-based approach to tasks, your efficiency, and your ability to thrive on clear objectives and tangible evidence.

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